MSP Reading Time: Twin Cities Noir

Twin Cities Noir

While there are adventures enough in the Twin Cities in “real life,” there are plenty of books and movies that exist that allow one to explore them without leaving home, whether you are living over in Falcon Heights, or somewhere further afield. Perhaps it is our strong local arts scene, our commitment to higher education and libraries, or just something to do on those times when the wind chill does not go above 0 Fahrenheit for a week, but I’ve always noticed a deep interest in books and reading around here. As a librarian, I approve! Just this week, both Minneapolis and St. Paul were again praised for our literacy rate, which pleases me. So, as part of MSP Adventure Time, I will also include MSP Reading Time!

Over at my book blog, ReadingRainstorm on BookLikes, I review some good Twin Cities books. Check out it!

Also, this afternoon I will be checking out the Music Under Glass concert at the Como Conservatory, another of my favorite Twin Cities spots. I will be reporting on this in the next day or so as well. Should be fun!


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