Something to Do With 8 Inches of Snow


Winter wonderland at Carver Park

As we in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota are digging out from Thursday’s lovely “snowpocalypse,” we now find ourselves with a lot of snow to work with, perhaps even more snow that we know what do with! Adding to an already snowy year, I think it is safe to say that a lot of people are probably a little of sick of it all by now.

Time flies, though, and it will feel like no time at all before late March or early April begins to turn all of this snow into a wet sludge, exposing all of the road grit and trash that it has hidden over the winter, and that is no fun at all. So, take advantage of the soft, billowing drifts now, while you still have a chance, I say! An easy, not too difficult, fun way to celebrate the plastering we got is to do a little snowshoeing. Find one of the Twin Cities’ great bits of nature and take a leisurely stroll through the woods, your feet rising above the layers of snow laid down over the winter. Even if you do not have your own snowshoes, there are plenty of places to borrow or rent them for moderate prices.

A few weeks ago, back in January, I organized a trip out to Lowry Nature Center, at Carver Park Reserve, part of the Three Rivers Parks District, to do some snowshoeing. My sister and I scouted it out last February and have been a couple times this year, it is a really fun way to pass a lazy sunny winter Sunday afternoon. Lowry Nature Center, the oldest public nature center built in the Twin Cities, was one of the main field trip destinations for my elementary school, so coming back was extremely nostalgic. Not much had changed superficially, it was still a great ‘70s vintage building filled with stuff I loved as a kid; bones, strips of fur to touch, aquariums with local fauna, and miles of trails, winding through marshes, bogs, hardwood forests, and prairie. Buried under inches of snow, the place looked majestic, even with the happy cries of kids and their families from the nearby sledding hills. The Nature Center also offers a variety of programs and activities, particularly for school age children.

9:00 AM-5:00 PM Mon-Sat; Noon-5:00 PM Sun
Phone: 763.694.7650

7025 Victoria Drive
Victoria, MN 55386

Snowshoes can be rented for the modest fee of $5 or you can bring your own, of course . Just make sure to bundle up and it should be a great way to get some winter exercise. The trails are also great for cross country skiing and you can also rent sleds for the kids or the nostalgic (perhaps we’ll try that next time).


Or, adult children. Whatever!


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