Music Under Glass


So, last Sunday, I tried out a new event, one I had never been to before; Music Under Glass, at the Como Conservatory. Now, it is true that the Como Conservatory is among my favorite places in the Twin Cities and I love any excuse to visit, but a free indoor concert seemed particularly appealing and it turned out to be well worth a visit.


Transitioning from Minnesota February to Music Under Glass

It seems as though the event has been going on for the last few winters, but this was the first year I had heard of it and I quickly put Music Under Glass on my to-do list, it just seemed like such a fun winter “staycation.” Music Under Glass 2014 offers a lot of folky, bluesy bands and musicians from eclectic backgrounds to perform Sunday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:30 in the sunken garden wing of the Como Conservatory. The series started on January 5 and last week I managed to attend for the first time to hear the local bohemian group, the Café Accordion Orchestra play. The Orchestra, who has appeared on the Prairie Home Companion, seemed a particularly apt introduction to the event, which packed every inch of the conservatory, the French infused music reverberating throughout the lovely greenhouse. Setting foot into the conservatory, the misty, warm, earthy odor of the plants and moisture inside made one think of a pocket of spring in this frozen, arctic land and the music made the interior almost ethereal. Even the shoulder to shoulder crowd packing into the sunken garden, and the rest of the conservatory, could not detract from the music.


Upon first arriving, a little after 4:30, the conservatory was really packed, standing room only. In the future, I would recommend getting there early to claim a little space on a bench or ledge. In spite of the crowd, the vibrant, fun tunes of the Café Accordion Orchestra made a really romantic ambiance in the lush, tropical escape of the greenhouse. So close to Valentine’s Day, I would imagine it would make a really nice destination to bring your SO for a romantic, intimate experience. As the light faded from the wintry sky above the conservatory and the palm trees were silhouetted against the crystal panes of the ceiling, the music drifting through the lush, tropical plants with the perfume of spring flowers, it was easy to think we were far from the middle of winter. It is just  the that all of this was being offered free of charge! Tonight, the band appearing will be the Ericksons and next week, the last Sunday in 2014, Jack Klatt will be appearing. I may not be able to see another this year, but I am definitely putting on the list for next winter and recommend that you do too!


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