Midtown Global Market

ImageI must apologize for the lack of adventure over the last week. Had a pretty uneventful weekend, not leaving the house much, just staying in with some hot tea, a few books, and a laptop, surfing the ‘net, not doing much of anything else. It is hard to believe that it is March already, and still temps have barely crawled up out of the single digits. Now, it has gotten warm enough to snow a bit! As long as its not freezing rain, I guess I’m good, but  I have to admit that even I am ready for a change of season, and I love snow and cold.

So, I couldn’t even drag up the will to take a twenty minute cross country ski trip around the lake, not when the blankets were so warm. So, it was probably for the best when I was roused from my nest to head out for some dinner with my parents and experience a new restaurant at a well known favorite place of ours; the Rabbit Hole at the Midtown Global Market.

Since it opened in 2006 in the old Sears building on Lake Street where my Mom often went shopping in her youth, I have loved visiting the Midtown Market. A great mix of 1920s architecture and today’s vibrant cultures, it always seems like there’s something new going on every time I visit. A great place to visit in the dead of winter for a taste of warmer climes, or on one of those blistering hot summer days for a cooling hit of gelato. There is just so much choice. According to Wikipedia, the building is second only to the Mall of America “in terms of leasable space.” Wow. I’d take the Midtown over MOA any day.

So, you find yourself on Lake Street, but you’re having trouble deciding what you want to eat that day? Try the Midtown, there’s something for everyone (though you may find yourself indecisive as to what you are the mood for). Celebrating the Twin Cities vibrant and diverse populations,  you choose from a wide array of delicious choices, catering to any taste; Manny’s Tortas, Los Ocampo, the Holy Land, pizza, tamales, bahn mi, or just dessert at the Salty Tart. Maybe you just want to take some lutefisk home for later. Maybe. It makes a particularly good stop over for a New Years party, I’ve found, the markets and stalls offering a lot of treats for a nice, decadent evening ringing in the new year. At least, that has become a tradition for me. The cheap, interesting food counters also provide a place for culinary experiments; one such was the Left-Handed Cook, which recently expended into a full restaurant in the market, the Rabbit Hole, a curious, almost hidden place that is definitely worth checking out. Just look for the sign of the rabbit!


Sign of the Rabbit

The Rabbit Hole does some very interesting and tasty Korean-inspired street food, with a lot different fusions. While the offer a nice collection of craft brews, it was the kind of evening that called for a hot beverage. We tried the hot teas, sweet syrupy concoctions different than anything I’ve tried before. My parents went for a couple of the signature Goober burgers, which they enjoyed thoroughly while my sister went with the crispy chicken strips and was very impressed. I splurged with a pot of peppery crawfish steeped in a spicy, pungent garlic infused pepper tomato sauce. Delicious! Everyone shared some nice truffle fries, and some awesome charred green beans. The only issue I would have is the vegetarian/vegan offerings are little sparse. I am definitely looking forward to stopping by to try lunch.

Parking can be a little hairy, though I have never encountered a real issue on any normal day and you can get validated parking from shopping or eating at the market. Still, I recommend biking or taking public transit, makes things much less stressful. The Hiawatha trail runs right by the Market. You should totally check it out!

920 E. Lake Street

The Rabbit Hole, Mon-Thu 4-10pm
Fri-Sat 4-11pm, $9-17

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