Minnehaha Falls and the Rain


Minnehaha Falls

On Sunday, I took advantage of the short respite between storms to visit Minnehaha Falls, to take in the full extent of its rain swollen current. Lake Minnetonka is at record levels and the torrential downpours of Friday and Saturday hammered down. The overflowing lake water in turn flows towards the Mississippi via Minnehaha Creek, which cascades fifty-three feet down into the gorge. I’ve always enjoyed visiting the park, a great place to hang around on a summer’s day, and setting for one of my favorite fictional accounts of the Twin Cities, Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks. One can easily understand why the place made such an evocative location for magic and mystery. The place was lush with vegetation and full of people, locals and tourists alike. People watching may be the second most interesting draw to the park, aside from the falls themselves.

In spite of the lowering clouds, threatening more rain, and a languid humidity, the park was packed with people, enjoying the tasty seafood at SeaSalt and listening to live music. Rising above the bands’ jaunty jazz was the roar of the falls. The falls themselves were thundering, throwing up thick plumes of mist that shook the branches of the nearby trees. Whether viewed from above or from the bottom of the gorge, the falls were majestic, breathtaking. I would highly recommend checking them out at this high water time, I’ve never seen so much water come pouring down the creek. I left just as the first drops of rain began to fall once again, but I will be back again.

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