Intriguing Cities in Minnesota?

Over the last few weeks, Thought Catalog, the website “dedicated to stories and ideas” known for such cutting edge online literature as Tao Lin, Megan Boyle, and Marie Calloway, as well as some of the most appalling attempts at “satire” outside of a eighth grade libertarians English class (in addition to the requisite nostalgia and quarter life crisis based lists and essays) has been posting some really entertaining Minnesota based articles. These are in support of a new ebook, Bright Lights, Twin Cities published by local Twin Cities writers working with the creative writing blog, The Tangential. I find this project very inspirational as the local eccentricities and environment of the Twin Cities is a major wellspring from which my writing springs as well, and I put the ebook on my immediate reading list. After all, that is pretty much what I was attempting with this blog, trying to experience some of most adventurous things in this metropolis! Well, a little, anyway. As a follower of Thought Catalog, both for the interest pieces and to eye roll at some of the dumber ones, I noted with some pleasure the first I read, Becky Lang’s essay “Warning! You’re Not Minnesotan Until You’ve Put These 50 Things in Your Mouth!” (I am currently at only 18, but there’s nothing better than some great food recommendations!) I was soon happy to note that the list “The Ten Most Intriguing Cities in Greater Minnesota” by Jay Gabler has begun to spread throughout my Facebook and Twitter feeds as well.

Guess I have a confession to make here! I am actually living at the moment in a college town a little more than an hour and a half away from “the Cities,” and one that did not appear in the list of the ten most intriguing cities. Perhaps a fair observation. Seems like every weekend, I make it back to Minneapolis-St Paul, though, whether to visit friends, family, or just to take advantage of one or more of the awesome things that go on. Maybe I should try to strengthen my ties with my current town, but its not like its that far away and there is just so much stuff going on that can’t seem to help myself. Perhaps I should be attempting more adventure in my own environment as well as the environment of my youth? There are things to explore there as well…

Still, I really appreciated this list, also by Jay Gabler. Food for thought, food for thought.


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