Huge Theater: Creature Feature, Survivors of the Undead Plague, Dungeons and Dragons: The Improvised Campaign



Over the last week or so, fall is definitely in the air. While autumn does not officially hit until next week, chilly temperatures (or “crisp,” if you prefer) has settled over Minnesota and the smell of dry leaves and the coming winter frost has crept into the evening breezes. While a few cicadas are still buzzing in the trees, a tinge of color has appeared in the leaves of few of them. I can leave my windows open without my papers curling on the table from humidity, which is nice.

The fall season is definitely already here at Huge Theater, among the premier practitioners of improv comedy in the Twin Cities, as beginning the first Friday in September, they have started their spooky autumn Friday line up of Creature Feature, Survivors of the Undead Plague, and the Bearded Men’s Dungeons and Dragons: The Improvised Campaign. It was a great opening for the season and I will be buying tickets again this fall; after all, every show is new, and no two are ever the same!

After seeing the rotating cast performing at venues from the Bryant Lake Bowl and the Brave New Workshop, Huge opened it’s new venue at 3037 Lyndale South in 2010 and have been rocking the improv there since. Specialists in long form improvisation, unscripted theater, in which anything can happen, the various shows offer comedy and action from a variety of genres. It is among my favorite forms of theater, and it is always great to see hilarious, gripping, and thought-provoking stories evolve from a few audience suggestions and the imagination of the actors. While Huge shows are great all year, I have always particularly enjoyed their spooky styled fall shows. They will be running the rest of September and October.

The three Friday shows are great ways to celebrate the coming of Halloween, with their focus on horror, fantasy, and silly costumes. Creature Feature has been on the Twin Cities improv scene for more than a decade, and has found a good home in Huge. An improvised monster movie and sequel, with a random, bizarre monster, this time the actors had to deal with the horror of an invisible dinosaur, “Dino See, Dino Kill!” After introducing each of their characters, along with suitably absurdest motivations. Another favorite, Survivors of the Undead Plague riffs on zombie movies, complete with plenty of gun play and desperate survivors attempting to survive waves of the walking dead- the trio of Buffalo Wild Wings employees and their quest to survive in the BWW bunker in Austin was among the funniest of the night. Finally, the Dungeons and Dragons Improvised Campaign, performed by the Bearded Men group, brought back some great nostalgic memories of gaming in the basement. Complete with die rolling to accomplish actions (to allow for dramatic criticals and critical fumbles) and capes, our half elven and half orcish ranger and druid rode a shape changing horse to try to save a floating island, The live musical accompaniment and sound effects throughout the three shows were great, too, and I particularly loved the bucket splash effect for blood effects. All of the actors

The shows start at 8:00 and go until midnight. $18 will get you into all three. The Huge offers shows every day except Tuesday. The Saturday show this fall, Twin Cities Secrets, also looks right up my alley; maybe I’ll see you there!

Huge Theater, 3037 Lyndale Avenue South


Opening night at Huge Theater, September 2014, Creature Feature, Survivors of the Undead Plague, Bearded Men’s Dungeons and Dragons: The Improvised Campaign




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