Indeed Brewing Hullabaloo 2014


Enjoying some of Indeed Brewing’s many delicious beers, Indeed Hullabaloo 2014

November always strikes me as a strange month, a kind of dreary nether period in between Halloween and Thanksgiving that seems not to belong to any specific season. Not unlike March. The chaos of the “holiday season” has not truly arrived (try as it might), the trees are nearly bare. However, add a little snow and suddenly winter is here. Staying warm while I write, I’d like to recall a few more memories of my favorite season this year.

Now that it seems that winter has taken up full time residence in Minnesota, one can find themselves missing those fleeting, ephemeral days of fall, just a few weeks ago. As the snow to drift through the air on icy, grey afternoons (not unlike today), we can think back at some of those fun times back in distant October. Think back a few weeks ago, a sunny, breezy Saturday exhibiting the best of the Minnesota autumn. Temperatures in the 60s, trees in their full autumnal splendor. A perfect evening to enjoy the weather with some food and drink among friends; what better example than Indeed Brewing’s 2014 Hullabaloo?

A few weeks ago friend had her birthday at the Hullabaloo, Indeed Brewing’s free celebration of autumn (and their beers). It was definitely a good choice for a fun time. Indeed, one of the great, recently opened craft breweries in Northeast Minneapolis  has a great selection of brews, and, I guess it’s true, I tried a majority of them. The popular Blue Door Pub, known for trademark juicy lucies (spelling?) and brats was on hand to offer food. Crowded, but still easier to get into the Blue Door on a Saturday evening.

In the courtyard behind the brewery building, live music from a variety of local groups drifted through the milling crowd, mixing nicely with the occasional rumble of the NorthStar Commuter Line roaring by. The place was packed, and it was amazing how many people I knew we bumped into. The beers were all definitely worth checking out; the Rum King was debuted, an Imperial Stout aged in rum barrels for a rich, deep flavor. Of course, I had to have their Octoberfest as well, which was a very nice one as well. The sage infused Sweet Yamma Jamma, a special variant of Indeed’s popular sweet potato beer, which flavor melded well with the savory notes of sage, was probably my pick of the day, though

At one point, there was a movement to head over to the nearby Sociable Cider Works for some hard cider. Sadly, it was not to be. In spite of being just across the tracks from Indeed, whatever they’re doing on Central (seriously, it looks like they blocked the whole road, a solid wall right across it!) proved an impenetrable barrier without going ten or so blocks out of the way. Instead, we headed back to Indeed for another pint or two. Indeed’s Hullabaloo seemed like a good choice for an evening of beer tasting and food, and, while crowded, it was a lot saner than the madness happening across the river at the Zombie Pub Crawl, and a lot cheaper, too. Still, there were a few zombies wandering among the Northeast crowd, too. I would definitely recommend going next year, and maybe make it to Sociable as well.

Indeed Brewing, 711 15th Avenue NE MPLS


Festivities continue at Indeed Brewing’s Hullabaloo into the evening.

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