I’m Here!


Loring Park. I live near here now!

I’m here! It’s been about a year since I started this blog, devoted to exploring and experiencing the many things offered by the Twin Cities, and now I can say that I actually live there again! With the aid of a cadre of friends and family, I overstuffed my efficiency apartment off of Loring Park with more stuff than really fits in it and have started a new job with the Hennepin County Library. What would I think a year ago, knowing that the first anniversary would be here?

In the week since I got here, I have not yet ventured out much, though. The extent of my exploration has been the common experience, oh so unique to Minneapolis, of shopping at Target and then, too lazy to make dinner, grabbing a Chipotle. Got myself hooked up to the internet; attempted to adjust the tropical temperature of my steam heated room. Slowly trying organize the mountain of stuff I brought with me, trying to set myself up in my new environment; making decisions on what books to keep and what books must be deaccessioned for the sake of space (very difficult deliberation). There needs to be room for more, of course! After all, before one sets out on adventures, it is always wise to have a good base camp, a place to chill out and relax in a chaotic world, a point of stability in a sea of excitement. So, I’m just going to settle in here, get my stuff in order, and prepare for some cool stuff soon!

It is not as if I lived very far away, just an hour or so down the Minnesota River, but I did find myself pining for favorite restaurants, weeknight events I just couldn’t get to, and family and friends, of course. Now, I find myself in a prime location, surrounded by so much stuff, a great jumping off point for exploration anywhere in the city, particularly for a non-car owning bike rider like me. I’m within walking distance of so much awesome stuff, its a little bit overwhelming, actually. Where to start? It makes me consider the future, as well.

Just walking to and from the bus each day, passing the new, shiny apartment complexes and the weathered brick turn of the century hulks like mine, I’ve noticed things; a little free library, a game shop, a place to grab some falafel. All within a stone’s throw of my very window; what is just outside of view, waiting for me to find them? In my youth, as a born and raised suburbanite growing up on the western edge of the ‘burbs, with all of my friends and family spread throughout the metro, I have never been lived in so prime a location before, though I often enjoyed visiting my aunt’s apartment in Lowertown St. Paul or my grandparent’s in Columbia Heights. I’ve never had so much access as I do now. Now, I’m free to explore independently. Well, after I get over the shock, I guess, and get my stuff settled.


Almost home.


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