Tea and Books


Half Price Books, St. Paul location

This weekend, I indulged in a time honored personal tradition, one I have not had the pleasure of in too long. As I’m still getting settled into my apartment, I noticed I lacked a sufficient tea supply and still had too many books to fit on my shelves. In order to rectify this situation, I headed across the river into St. Paul to the Highland Park neighborhood, a place I frequented often when I was attending St. Catherine University, where I stopped by two of my favorite places; the TeaSource and Half Price Books. I still love going here on those cold Minnesota nights for some warming beverages and reading material, both essential to get through the winter for me!

Near the corner of Cleveland and Ford Parkway, these are my two favorite locations for each of these shops. The TeaSource is definitely my favorite place to buy tea in the Twin Cities, and the Highland Park location is my favorite of the three stores. There’s another one in St. Anthony and over in Eden Prairie as well, but the St. Paul store is the oldest and most established.

With prices averaging half of those of a certain tea seller found at the Mall of America and owned by Starbucks, TeaSource offers a far wider and higher quality selection as well, with rare varieties from China, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, and Japan you can’t find anywhere else in the states. I got some Empire Keemun, a great, inexpensive Chinese black tea, the tea that started the Opium War, specifically! In addition to selling a great variety of loose leaf teas, greens, blacks, yellows, oolongs, dark teas, from the most common, daily drinks to the rarest, seasonal varieties, the TeaSource also offers to go cups, or, even better, pots of any tea they stock. Tuesdays and Thursdays, in particular, are a great time to go, as they are Sample Days offering tasting flights of a five tea varieties, based on a particular theme. Today, for instance, is Chinese New Year Teas, all for only $3! Great for sharing, and a great way to ease into the world of tea. I’ll be writing more about the TeaSource, and Chinese New Year, later this week as well.

Less than a block from the TeaSource is my favorite Twin Cities location for that used book chain, Half Price Books. I could spend hours in there, it’s true. They always have an awesome stock of interesting texts, including comics, gaming products, cookbooks, vinyl records, just about anything you want to look for. The sale annex in the basement is also great, offering deals for a whole bunch of stuff you didn’t even know you wanted to read (and some you’d been searching for for ages) at prices beaten only by library book sales. This visit, though, I was attempting to get rid of some books, not gather more. I managed to make it out with only more new one, and I was able to dispense with a haul for $20. Nice! Usually, the prices I get for books means I just trade them in for a few new titles. Made it out pretty well this time!

Not really the most active things to do, but definitely a relaxing way to pass a cold evening after work, when I did not want to do anything else.


TeaSource, and shops along Cleveland Avenue, Highland Park

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