Cedar Cultural Center

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Chilly night to wait for the show! Too cold to take a proper picture, even! Cedar Cultural Center

One of the things I missed when I lived outside of the metro was the ability to go see something new and awesome every day of the week. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there was plenty to do in my college town as well, but, it must be said, not nearly the sheer variety and breadth of options available in the Twin Cities. Of course, you could say the same in regards to us and, say, NYC, but you know! Last week, I had the pleasure to join a few friends to see the guitarist Kaki King perform at the Cedar Cultural Center, a place I’ve been to a few times and been aware of since a childhood listening to the Morning Show on MPR- it is a great, intimate place to see some really cool people; this performance was no exception. I’d been introduced to Kaki King’s work by one of my friends a couple weeks before and, having listened to her music, felt it would be a great first concert to attend on my return. I was not disappointed!

After a quick and tasty meal at the Wienery next door, a little ship specializing in hot dogs and fries (including various vegan options), we queued up in the winter cold in front the Cedar and waited for the doors to open. Kaki King is not one to miss live, her dreamlike and beautiful work, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, dazzles with a vibrancy and even a humor that I really enjoyed. The opening band, the local duo StoLyette, was also a great surprise; I really enjoyed their performance, eerie, intricate, surreal. – how many other places could you see an experimental folk duo sing intricate, ethereal songs in Russian? I will definitely be checking out their work in the future. While I’ve always enjoyed a wide variety of musical genres, it must be said that I’m not exactly the most knowledgeable person when it comes to musical forms and styles, though I’ve been trying to expand my exposure lately.

Musicians like Kaki King and StoLyette are great sounds to discover. It will be interesting to see who plays at the Cedar next; I had bought tickets to see the Mountain Goats there when they come through town in April, but due to the demand, they moved over to First Ave. Looking forward to that!




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