She Rock She Rock

Early2015 115

BlindSight performing at Bunkers Music Bar, March 2015

It’s always fun to find yourself at something completely unexpected. On a sleepy Sunday at the end of March, I found out my aunt was playing in a band called BlindSight at Bunkers Music Bar in the Warehouse District that evening. I didn’t even know she had a band, though she had always played the guitar, a talent she shares with my cousin. So, along with my parents, we went down to Bunkers to see what was happening.

I have to admit, I’ve never been the most musical person; while I’m not quite tone deaf, I have no proficiency with instruments; I was in choir for awhile in high school, but that is the extent of my musical experience. While I enjoy listening to many varieties, my knowledge of styles, bands, and composers, weather classical or punk, is pretty spotty as well. I have been trying to bump up my trivia in recent years, though, in particular through seeing performances.

I’ve been seeing some good music lately. I just saw the Decemberists perform at the Northrop Auditorium, recently saw local dance pop duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo perform songs from their disgusting new album Gross at Amsterdam Bar, and am looking forward to seeing the inimitable Mountain Goats perform at First Avenue next week. Not to mention National Record Store Day this weekend, as well.

That Sunday, Bunker’s was hosting the She Rock She Rock annual fundraiser and Ladies Rock Camp showcase, in which several groups of women, who had met at met at Rock Camp that weekend and over the course of three days, put together several bands featuring a variety of musical styles and influences, performing original songs. My aunt’s band, BlindSight, played in a bluesy, rocking style while others had more a ’90s alt rock vibe going. In addition, the show was fundraising cash for Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, a summer camp for musically inclined (or not) youth, which seems like a really awesome program. She Rock She Rock seems like a really great, positive program for women young and old to get involved in to learn more about music. It’s pretty awesome to have stuff like this in our community!

It was quite fun seeing all of the women perform songs that they had written It seemed like a really good time, and was something I had not even heard of before; while I have no experience with musical instruments myself, it inspired me to maybe try something. Of course, that’s something I tend to say on occasion- maybe I should try learning the piano sometime, or something.

They will be playing again in future events, soon.

Early2015 106

BlindSight at Bunkers


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