Mountain Goats in Minneapolis

I’m going over to First Avenue this evening to catch probably my favorite band right now, The Mountain Goats. Originally slated for the Cedar Cultural Center, there was so much interest in the show, it was relocated to First Ave. While the Cedar seems a lot more intimate of a performance space, I’m definitely excited to see John Darnielle at the city’s most venerated music venue. Darnielle writes some of the most effecting, heart rending songs I’ve listened to so far, each song telling a complex and deep story. Their new album, Beat the Champ, deals with the seedy, raw world of professional wrestling. For those, like myself, who are less than educated about the complexities of the wrestling world, Chaz Kangas at the City Pages wrote a very interesting and informative annotated guide to the album, including some local connections in the song Luna. Glad to have this to mull over before the show.

The last time I saw John Darnielle was at Wits a couple years ago, with John Hodgman  so I’ve really been looking forward to it, and I’d highly recommend seeing The Mountain Goats any chance you get.

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