A Visit to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden


Ferns and mossy logs hidden in the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden


Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden entrance

While it has been a tad rainy the last few weeks or so (though we definitely need it), there has been some sunny periods to enjoy the burgeoning spring foliage and flora of the Twin Cities. I’ve been biking, kayaking, and walking around from job to job lately, but it is always fun to visit some of those hidden gems nestled in the heart of the city, places where you can still experience nature in the middle of the metro (though that is definitely something Minneapolis and St. Paul both have in abundance). The tie between Minneapolis and St. Paul for first place for best urban parks by the Trust for Public Lands has been circulated around the local news in recent days, and I find that one of our most awesome attributes.


IMG_1164As a kid, I was very interested in nature and environmental sciences, and while I opted to head into the social sciences and humanities to avoid doing math, I still love learning about the natural world. This is a great place to enjoy some nature without even having to head up north. At the rustic little visitor’s shelter, programs are offered frequently as well. One of my favorite topics as a nature loving kid were edible wild plants and how to cook them, so the recent course on using the invasive weed species, garlic mustard, in recipes, looked especially interesting, I’ll have to keep my eye out and see if they offer more!

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, Theodore Wirth Parkway and Glenwood Avenue, 7:30 to one hour before sunset, free!


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