First Ever Northeast Night Market


Night Market at Bauhaus Brew Lab, just after six.

The other day, I experienced one of those new events that pop up on occasion, the “first ever Northeast Night Market,” hosted by Bauhaus Brew Labs in Northeast Minneapolis. This is also the first time I’ve blogged on an entirely new event, too. The Night Market boasted a large group of local artisans and craftspeople, live entertainment, food, and, of course, beer. I was not disappointed.


People begin to arrive, pausing to listen to music at the Night Market

Arriving just before six, people were already starting to filter into the old warehouses, airy tunnels open to the sky, atmospheric with rusty metal and weathered brickwork. The historic former industrial architecture has become home to various local businesses, not least Bauhaus, one of Minneapolis’ most popular and vaunted new breweries, and creators of the acclaimed “Wonderstuff,” a Neu Bohemian Pilsner. I started out by grabbing a pint of their seasonal offering, Hairbanger, a “Belgo-Style Pale Ale,” which made a great, refreshing summer beer. thinking that I should take advantage of the smaller line to grab one right from the bar. I had no way of knowing how prescient this spur of the moment thought was.

Sipping my beer, I walked around the premises, scoping out the food trucks, listening to the accordions and violins of local bands, I waited for friends to arrive. The arrived about a half an hour after I got there, and by that time, the lines had swelled, stretching down the parking lot and the warehouse interior had begun to fill up. Fortunately, I had the foresight to grab some delicious frozen lollies from Frio Frio first (the avocado-lime was particularly good) to pass out when people arrived. Why not have dessert first, right?


Crowd at the Night Market just after 8:30, as the sun begins to dip low.

The lines for the rest of the beer and food, though, got a bit harrowing quite quickly. The crowd of people and dogs exploring, drinking, eating, and buying local cool stuff made walking a bit difficult, too. Still, enjoying one of Potter’s Pasties hot hand pies (Thai Veggie), sipping on a Sky Five Midwest Coast IPA and scoring some beard oil and an awesome print of the beautiful storm drains under the Twin Cities was quite worth it, overhearing amusing conversations and watching the free entertainment and music provided made it a great first event. As things wound down for me and I got ready to leave, around 8:30, the lines had not slowed down and, in fact, were even longer than before. I was amazed at how much food was being dispensed to the masses by the food trucks, though it seemed a few hot items were running low. People kept pouring in to join the festivities, and seemed a great success! It was a wonderful way to discover high quality, handmade local brands in person.

I’ll definitely come again, but I would stress arriving early- like, half an hour before official opening early. Also, if possible, bike, walk, or bus, to make things easier. MetroTransit Route 10 makes a stop at the nearby intersection of Central and Broadway every 15 minutes or so until midnight, The next Northeast Night Market is on July 21, and later on August 18, my birthday!

Bauhaus Brew Labs

1315 Tyler Street NE, MPLS


Leaving Northeast Minneapolis, at sunset.

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