Minnesota Food Truck Fair & NE Brewer’s Block Party


Minnesota Food Truck Fair, St. Paul

Busy weekend, I packed a lot into a couple of hot, humid, Twin Cities days. Among the activities, birthdays, and shows, I checked out a couple of food-centric events. Throughout the country, street food and food trucks have been becoming more popular, and the Twin Cities are no strangers to the trend, at least during the summer months! Cheap, delicious, and convenient, it can be difficult to track ’em all down. Working downtown a lot, I can avail myself of the various food trucks that park along Marquette around lunchtime, but at other times, it’s often up to pure luck or, checking out one of these events!


A food truck village!


A couple of treats!


Saturday evening, I checked out the Minnesota Food Truck Fair, billed as Minnesota’s largest gathering of food trucks, in downtown St. Paul. Grouped in a parking lot in the shadow of the Xcel Center, a variety of familiar and new food trucks were selling their wares to a hungry crowd. It cost $2 to get in, though many visitors seem to miss this and just walked right into the circle without noticing, before being quickly referred to the entrance (myself included). Live music, playing mainly a collection of late ‘80s covers and one of those animatronic bull things, added to the festivities.

There were so many choices that it turned into a bit of a struggle to decide which to go for, including so of my favorites, like Potter’s Pasties, Foxy Falafel, and Rusty Tacos. I ended up grabbing some awesomely delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup from O’Cheese and some great mushroom fries from the Moral Omnivore. The sushi, on the other hand, was nothing to write home about, especially for the price. Along with a Chestnut Hill Brown Ale from Lift Bridge Brewery, and some frozen yogurt from Fro Yo Sol (in which you load up your own dish of the stuff, along with all the toppings of candy, chocolate, and fresh fruit you wish), I was fortified for a night of underground hardcore punk! (See more in a coming post).


On Sunday, I biked up to Northeast to attend the NE Brewer’s Block Party, held at Sociable Cider Werks. Here, too, a variety of food trucks and activities were set up in a parking lot. Sociable was serving up their cider inside their brewery while Indeed Brewing was also on hand with their beers. With plenty of bike parking, biking in was a lot more convenient than finding street parking, of which many people seemed to be having trouble with. You could get into the party for a buck, or with a piece of nonperishable food to donate.

Along with the brews, I had maybe the best veggie burger I’ve eaten from Simple Steve’s, one I’d not seen before, and I could not pass up another frozen treat from Frio Frio and some of Cranky’s ice cream. Why not? The sun beat down on the asphalt, and it was kind of a baking desert in the parking lot with not a lot of shade. However, a Pinch Flat cider (a funky but refreshing beverage) along with the music of Aby Wolf made it a pretty good time. A local Minneapolis vocalist, her music has an ethereal complexity that I really enjoy.

All in all, pretty nice for a lazy summer afternoon!


Crowding a parking lot for food and beer under the burning sun!


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