Washington and 8th, in the North Loop

On break yesterday evening, I strolled down Washington into the North Loop, pursuing a story I had heard about on the social networks. Holding out my phone, checking the glowing icons as my location was tracked and I approached my destination. I was not quite sure how it would work but I was intrigued. I would not be disappointed. This was, it turned out, a quest perfect for a MSP Reading Time.

Revolver, an arts and cultural magazine I’ve been following since they started in 2012 announced Undertow, a program in cooperation with a local events app, Leav, a “mobile platform” which allows people to access different pieces of interactive art in various specific locations around the city. A very interesting concept, I thought. With Undertow, Revolver invited seven writers from the Twin Cities to write about their neighborhoods, accessible on the Leav app from the locations the stories evoke. Each week, another new story while be shared on the app, and you’ll have to find your way there to experience them.

The first is poet Sarah Fox’s “Somebody Save Me,” in the North Loop neighborhood. I happened to be working nearby at Minneapolis Central Library, so this was a fun and mysterious excursion that I could manage on a half hour break. Walking along Washington, enjoying the brisk weather, I realized that this was a part of town I have not often visited for some reason- a lot of interesting things happening around here, perfect for a bit local tourism on a work day.

Fox’s piece, read aloud, was evocative, surreal, heady. I listened to it standing on the street corner, hearing her voice resonate out of my phone, mixing with the sounds of the city. Next time, I think I’ll remember to bring my headphones. With a lot of interesting elements drawing on many subjects, I will definitely check her work out.

I grabbed a Be’Wiched sandwich for lunch and headed back. This was really cool, an everyday literary adventure that can take you anywhere in the city, illuminating the secrets and magic of places we take for granted every day.You should download the app and experience it! You can listen to “Somebody Save Me” at the corner of Washington and 10th until the end of the week. I am very curious where the next week’s will take me! 

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