To Japan!



Rainy morning at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport- goodbye Twin Cities!

As I mentioned in my last entry on the Como Park Obon Festival, I’m really excited to have scheduled an adventure outside of the Twin Cities for the next few weeks.

So, this morning I’m boarding a flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Denver, and from there disembarking on the long voyage across the Pacific to Narita Airport to explore Japan for the next few weeks. My sister and I will start in Tokyo, journey north to Hokkaido, and then explore the northern tip of Honshu, Tohoku. Other than this, we have no real plans and will just see what we see! Of course, I’ll be reporting in upon my return.

This will be the first time I’ve left the continent since 2007, so I’m very excited, and I also can’t believe this long awaited trip is here already. Because of this, I won’t be as active on the MSP-Adventure Time blog this month, but I’ll have a few entries prepped to tide things over for the time being. In the meantime, we’ll be posting pictures from the trip on our new Instagram account, AdventureSibs, if you’re so inclined. It’s completely empty so far, but things will start appearing tomorrow, no doubt!

Now, as we wait to board our flight, we’re enjoying some pretty good scones from the airport incarnation of a favorite Minneapolis spot for breakfast, French Meadow! It’ll be the last taste of home for now.

Perhaps, when we get back, if we’re not too tired of ramen yet, we’ll attend the upcoming Ramen Attack Block Party at the Mill City Museum. Looks fun!


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