Obligatory Super Blood Moon Eclipse Post



Blood Moon on Lake Minnetonka, September 27, 2015

It’s been a few days since I’ve gotten back from my trip to Japan, and I’m still processing it all. Starting to recover from the jetlag, getting back into the daily grind of everyday life, remembering how it is to be at home.

It was an awesome trip, and I’ll post more about it shortly, but I’m glad to be back in time for my favorite season in Minnesota. This weekend, I spent some time at my parents’ in my home town, the western suburb of Mound, which was a great place to observe the big astronomical event of the month, the Super Blood Moon Eclipse. We won’t have another of those until 2033, and Minnesota was among the westernmost regions able to see the full eclipse, so it was definitely worth taking some time to watch. A perfect night for astronomy, I went kayaking on Lake Minnetonka with my sister, under the light of the abnormally large and glowing orb in the sky, it’s light reflected in the rippling waters of the lake. The lake was quiet as we watched the moon go dark behind the shadow of the Earth itself, a breath taking sight. It was also nice that it was happening at ten pm, rather than 2 or 3 in the morning (of course, I’m still feeling most awake at those times).

A memorable way, for sure, of coming back to Minnesota. After two flights lasting upwards of fifteen hours, getting out on the lake made a great way to stretch a bit and get some physical activity. As the waters lapped against the sides of our kayaks and we bobbed along with the wind, we watched the moon rise and then begin its dramatic disappearance before returning to shore. It’s great to be back!



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