Holiday Craft Show Madness: A Reflection


European Christmas Market at Union Depot, St. Paul


Enjoying some Gluhwein at the European Christmas Market

Along with my family, I went a little wild on the craft shows last Saturday, hitting up a few I mentioned last week, along with another bonus one! In what has become a new tradition for us, it beats heading to the mall, that’s for sure. Here’s a taste of what we saw-

Starting in St. Paul, we swung by Art at Ramsey first. This one seems to be pretty much the same every year, and runs towards the pricier end of stuff.

Heading into downtown St. Paul, we stopped by Union Depot to see the European Christmas Market for the first time. It was the first time I visited the depot since it’s awesome renovation, renewing its place as a hub of travel and exploration. Made me want to jump on the Empire Builder to Seattle, or even a bus to Duluth! The market was held outside, in the unseasonably warm weather, and was quite small, seeming to deal mainly in food items, like some quality maple syrup and Surly brewing’s Glühwein.


Grain Belt Brewhouse exterior

We then went over to Northeast Minneapolis to check one I missed the other day, the American Craft Council’s Holiday Hop. This was definitely my favorite of the day. Held at the Grain Belt Brewhouse, home of the American Craft Council, it was a great opportunity to visit this great local organization, visit their lovely library, and shop for vintage Minnesota stuff, as well as all sorts of other goodies, from local organic vegan barbecue sauce to local cheese. This one was also free to visit, and will definitely be one I’d recommend for next year.




Finally, we finished up at my favorite, the No Coast Craft-O-Rama, which is always among the most interesting collection of cool stuff. I’m pretty set for gifts now, making for a less stressful finish to the year.


Shopping at No Coast


Midtown Global Market

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