The Night Alive at the Jungle Theater


I had acquired some gift certificate tickets to a show at Jungle Theater in the LynLake area some months ago, but, as is my wont, I ended up waiting until the last minute to use them. The first show I had the chance to see at the Jungle, it was doozy. The Jungle’s last show of the season, The Night Alive, was definitely a good choice to see. Written by a prominent contemporary Irish playwright, Conor McPherson, and directed by Joel Sass, this was an intense, powerful piece, one that will really stick with the audience. Bleak but funny, philosophic and hopeful, there are scenes that will shock, amuse, and enrapture you.

Set in Dublin and involving a cast of down on their luck characters trying to get by, trying to help out, the actors and the set work really worked together to bring the play to complete life; the gasping of the audience the only thing drawing you back into the theater. The set design of the Dublin apartment where the proceedings go down are so full of detail, and the lighting changes behind the windows capture flawlessly the change of light through a day and through the seasons, it really felt like being there. I’d definitely recommend checking out the Night Alive while it’s still at the Jungle.

The last few shows will be this Friday and Saturday at 8:00 and this Sunday at 2:00 and 7:30.


Ornate lighting inside Jungle Theater

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