Most Popular Posts of 2015


A hazy, noirish night in downtown Minneapolis.

Well, winter has finally come to Minnesota, and just in time for the New Year. I’m pretty happy about that, myself!

Wow, it is sure weird that the year is almost over, though! I feel I had a pretty good year here in the Twin Cities and did some really fun stuff I shared with people on MSP-Adventure Time. I thought a bit of retrospective would be in order, so today I will be sharing what turned out to be the most popular posts here on MSP Adventure Time for 2015. I’ll list the top 6 most visited posts, to recognize the coming year of 2016! It seems that they all come from back in the summer, so as the snow starts to pile down on us and the temperatures plummet, take a look back at times when you could ride your bike in Minneapolis with no pants!

#1: House of Balls and the Walker: Imbuing the Everyday with the Bizarre

This one came as a bit of a surprise to me, but for some reason, this entry from way back in May really took off in mid November, rocketing it to the top! I had a fun time checking out these awesome art events as the beginning of summer showed up, though I’m not sure why my exploration of the superb House of Balls and the Walker’s last cool modernist exhibit before their current cool modernist exhibit became so popular this fall.

#2: First Ever Northeast Night Market

It’s easy to see while this one was popular! While I only managed to go once this year, the first ever Northeast Night Market this summer was a blast! I was not the only one who thought so, judging by the ginormous lines that popped up at Bauhaus Brew Labs soon after it opened, making it very difficult to get in if you didn’t arrive a half hour early. This prompted the organizers to issue tickets in the future. I’m hoping it appears again next year!

#3: Freedom From Pants 2015

This has become a Minneapolis tradition, and I had a lot of fun during my first time participating in this hedonistic celebration of cycling, summer, and other fun things! Judging by the stats, the photos here have been particularly popular, for some reason.  

#4: The Floating Library 2015

This might have been my favorite event I went to all year! Kayaking out onto a summer lake, mooring to a cool library raft, and browsing all manner of innovative, interesting zines, books, craft books, and other artistic literary forms, how could summer get better? Maybe I can have something to contribute for 2016? Consider it a goal!

#5: Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival 2015

The second year I’ve recorded my visit to the annual Obon Festival held at Como Park in August, I have now actually been to Japan as well, so I’ll look forward to getting another taste next summer.

#6: Autoptic Festival

A free festival celebrating independent cartoonists, artists, zinesters, and other practitioners of “sequential art,” this energetic program attracted some of the top comic artists and writers from across the country; Gabrielle Bell, Jillian Tamaki, Charles Burns, among others! I can’t wait to see who is on the roster for next year, and maybe I’ll be able to put aside the two full days for it!  



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