Happy 2016! My Personal Top Six Adventures from 2015


“You Are Here,” Balloons at the Northern Spark, 2015

As promised, here are my own personal favorites from my adventures throughout the Twin Cities I choose after reflecting on 2015, a busy and adventurous year in any case. In chronological order, here are my choices for a look back on the last year! I have a good feeling that the adventures of 2016 will be the best year ever!

Most Useful: Free Stuff to Do in the Twin Cities

Working at the library desk, I occasionally get questions from visitors and locals alike looking for some awesome, fun things to do in our cities on a budget, so I complied this little list. I’m hoping to add a few more as 2016 goes by!

Best Drama: Mr. Burns

I saw some pretty awesome theater this year, from The Minnesota Fringe Festival to She Kills Monsters, to the Night Alive, but my favorite was definitely Mr Burns: The Post-Electric Play at the Guthrie, back in April. While I was never much of a Simpson’s fan, I loved the premise of this show, reflecting on how contemporary popular culture might survive our current society, and the actors were great! If you ever have a chance to see a production of this show, you should definitely take advantage!


Festive celebrations at Holi Festival 2015

Most Colorful: Holi 2015

Just as the cold, harsh Minnesota winter changes into the beginnings of the verdant spring, the University of Minnesota’s Holi Festival, the Twin Cities iteration of the Hindu festival popular in India and Nepal, is definitely something to look forward to! Great people watching, great food, great and festive music.

Biggest Adventure: Participate in an Archaeological Dig in St. Paul!

When or where else could you get a chance to help graduate students from the University of Minnesota excavate historical artifacts for evidence of marginalized populations in the history of our metro? Getting your hands into the dirt in Swede Hollow Park, looking for evidence of the immigrant populations of the 19th and 20th centuries; Swedes, Italians, or Mexicans, was such a cool thing to do!

Most Varied Open Streets MPLS: Northeast

This was a fun exploration of the awesome stuff going on in the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhoods, the artists, foodies, crafters, and other people who make these neighborhoods wonderful. Setting aside a vibrant street for a few hours during a weekend to bikes and pedestrians is such a great way to explore what is there, now that you have the on the street view. Just one of a whole series of Open Streets events throughout Minneapolis, I am really looking forward to going to more of them this summer.


Festivities at Open Streets MPLS Northeast

Tastiest: Cookie Exchange at the Hennepin History Museum

Just as the holiday season reached its peak, and just as the first snows of winter began to filter down on the Minneapolis, this was one of my favorite new activities this year, sharing some delicious baked goods with new people and seeing some of the quirky, fun things at the hidden gem Hennepin History Museum! I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they have planned for the coming year!

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