New Things, New Year!


Famed Shoe Tree on West Bank, a few weeks ago before the snow fell.

So, we’re more than one week into the new year of 2016, and I feel that this year is going to be the best year ever here on MSP-Adventure Time, so expect a lot of fun new things to appear, as well as some of the fun old things, too!

I’m looking forward to the Art Shanty Project this year, after its hiatus for 2015, after having such an awesome experience in 2014, in one of my very first blog entries. This time I’ll make sure that my phone is charged! It is a great way to celebrate and take advantage of our winter weather. I’ll be going on some awesome day trips too, so keep an eye on that as well. Lindsay and I will also be checking out this cool sounding Tattersall Distilling place in Northeast, too, so keep tuned on that! I’m excited to sample some locally crafted spirits in addition to all the beer I’ve been trying, and they say spirits warm you up a bit more! (Seriously, scientifically inaccurate, but hey, who cares?)


Dinkydale, home of Shuang Cheng and the Land’s End Pasty Company, among others

Starting this year, I’m beginning a new restaurant segment in my blog, “Where U Wanna Eat?” where I, with my friends and loved ones, will endeavour to eat at as many of the restaurants around the University of Minnesota campus, in Dinkytown, Stadium Village, and the West Bank. I still recall stepping out of classes and grabbing some great, cheap food around the U and I’d like to see how things are changing as all of these places are in periods of great upheaval and change. Are there still good eats for the student on a budget? I aim to find out! Really, I just love eating and am looking for more excuses to hang out by the U, of course. Oh, I think I can probably skip the chains, of course (for the most part). Of course, I’ve written up some of my favorite Dinkytown restaurants before, but now its official! Expect my first review soon!

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