My First Tattoo!

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June Osaki with ink (photo courtesy of Lindsay Cameron)

So, Monday, I embarked on a new adventure and got my very first tattoo! It was a great experience and I am already considering another one! They say you can’t get just one, right?

I had talked a lot with my cousin over the years about getting a tattoo, but for various reasons, never got around to it in the past. He was a great proponent of tattoos, getting some pretty awesome ones and we talked about what I would get if or when I got a tattoo. When he put his zine together, Out of Context, among the collages he created was an archaeopteryx from one of my old dinosaur books I shared with him from when I was a kid.


Famous archeopteryx fossil, Berlin

So, I decided that it would be cool to celebrate his creativity (and his love of tree climbing and exploring) by getting an archeopteryx backed by geologically accurate ginkgo leaves, in autumnal foliage. An archeopteryx, for those less well versed in childhood dinosaur obsession, was the “first bird,” discovered in 1897 in Jurassic formations in Germany, known as the “Urvogel.”

Finally, this year, I got my stuff together and actually strove to make this idea a reality, and I stumbled upon a great artist to put the thought on my skin, June Osaki, at Twilight Tattoos. I first encountered her work at the Creative City Market back in August and, looking at her work, her style seemed ideal for creating my idea. Working with her was great, and soon she sketched out a wonderful piece of art for my arm, advising me and making the whole process very helpful and easy! She had such helpful information and guided me through the process, as a first time tattoo getter, very nicely.


Warmer days, Creative City Market, August 2015


Well, it didn’t hurt that much! (Photo courtesy of Lee Burkhalter)

So, this Monday, I came into Twilight Tattoo in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood in south Minneapolis for the major part of my tattoo. Donning the Kate Beaton t-shirt my sister bought me for the occasion, I took June’s advice, got plenty of sleep and drank plenty of water and, with Lindsay and my sister to support me/watch me suffer, I sat down for the first session with June. I have to say, it was a lot easier than I had imagined, feeling like a series of light scratches. In no time at all, June got everything etched into my upper arm, so that I have officially joined the guild of tattooed librarians! It was all awesome and I can’t wait to go in to get the colors in a couple months!

If you are interested in June’s work, check out her website here!

16 - 29

Finished tattoo! (photo courtesy of Lindsay Cameron)



7 thoughts on “My First Tattoo!

  1. Oh Harris, I love it and I know Wi would too. He would have laughed as you grimaced but he would have been grinning because he loved you so. So do I

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it, and while June hadn’t met Wi, she does know people who know him! Now, I just have to think of another one, I guess.

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