Tattersall Distilling

Tattersall Distilling on a freezing January Saturday

Now that craft beer has pretty much taken over the Twin Cities (not that I’m complaining) a few new craft distilleries are popping up to bring locally crafted spirits to the metro. Last Saturday Lindsay and I visited a cool one, Tattersall Distilling. Lindsay has been working on her cocktail skills (both creating and drinking), so touring and sampling one of the Twin Cities preeminent local sources seemed a good idea.


Cozy inside of Tattersall


The place definitely had a lot of style, integrating an elegant bar and seating area into the reclaimed industrial grit of the former historic warehouse in Northeast Minneapolis. On a Saturday, the place was quite packed. We started off at the Cocktail Room with a few cocktails to sample some of the delicious liquors produced in the distillery, the copper pipework and stills visible on the other side of the warehouse.



Lindsay and I enjoying our cocktails!

 While I am still developing my palate for liquors, the cocktails offered at Tattersall all sound delicious. I went for the Umeboshi sour (which was coincidentally just written up in the City Pages the other day)  while Lindsay had an Old Fashioned. Both were very good.


The stills and the products (photo courtesy of Lindsay Cameron)

At this point, we were called for the afternoon tour, which took us behind the scenes of the distillery, guided by one of the founders. Passing out cool little shot glasses for everyone, he quickly poured us all a tumble of Tattersall’s vodka, which had a tasty hint of vanilla. The science and chemistry behind the distilling of the spirits and the history behind the warehouse were fascinating, and as the tour continued, more hits of the product kept coming our way. The piney bouquet of their flagship liquor, gin, as well as their fabulous orange liqueur and sour cherry liquor. Both were perfect flavors for adding to cocktails, or even just taking strait! Lindsay, having to drive after this, poured most of her samples into my glass. I was still able to pay attention to the cool stories of the distillery, though! Tattersall offers distillery tours every Saturday  at 1:00 and 3:00 for $10 (well worth it), though you are limited to purchasing just one bottle per person per day. You can also pick them up down the road at River Liquor Store on Marshall Street, though. I’d recommend it!


Lindsay and I picked up a bottle of gin and the sour cherry liquor for use in her home bar and I can’t wait to sample some of her creations using the new Tattersall spirits!  


Holding up Lindsay’s bottle of Sour Cherry Liquor (photo courtesy of Lindsay Cameron)



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