Where U Wanna Eat? #2: Sssude-Nutz


Restaurant: Sssdude-Nutz

Zone: Dinkytown, 317 14th Ave. SE Mpls

Hours: M-F, 7:30 to sellout!, S-S, 9:30 to sellout! Fri-Sat 9:oo pm to late night!

Visited: February 6th, 2016

Last weekend, just before heading into the Kitty Cat Klub for a late evening of local indie bands, still a bit buzzed from the Beer Dabbler (more on this soon!), we felt the need to indulge in a little sugar and wheat based pastries and Lindsay pointed out one right next door the the KCK I had never even heard of before! What?

Sssdude-Nutz is a pretty kickin place. Crammed into a space on 14th Avenue SE, it definitely looks appealing. I mean, that name! That logo! How long has Sssdude-Nutz been here? This place is out-quirking Glam Doll! Where was this place when I was at the U? This is a certainly a place that knows how to style up its donuts. Under the motto “keep it sexy, eat donutz” they certainly offer an eclectic array of decadent desserts to get any student through a hard night, whether studying or partying. For we who have left school, we can stop by before a show, grab some ‘nutz, and go to town! Offering an always evolving roster of donutz, including some vegan options, there seems to be enough to trigger a paralysis of indecision for after drinks munchies.

We had an OH Fu$ck Yah!, a soft and fluffy toffee topped chocolate raised donut and a tasty cake donut too (I, sadly, was too tanked to recall the name right now…) But at $2-3 a pop (er, donut) that’s something you can nibble on anytime. They definitely have some heft to them, too! These nutz definitely satisfied! Open weekdays until they sell out of ‘nutz, on the weekends they’re open until the wee hours.

Check it, here!



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