Du Nord Craft Spirits


Exterior of Du Nord Craft Spirits

Saturday before last, Lindsay and I met some friends for a tour of another new, local distillery, Du Nord Craft Spirits. With Lindsay and I both enjoying gin lately, it has been very fun to visit these places in the community that are working to make local spirits. Located in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis right off of Hiawatha in an unassuming warehouse, Du Nord has a cozy cocktail room serving its own spirits and offering games and comfy seats.


Some of the local corn used in the L’etoile vodka (photo courtesy of Lindsay Cameron)

Founded a little more than a year ago, Du Nord currently offers three products, Fitzgerald gin, L’etoile vodka, and Apple Du Nord liqueur, all milled, mashed, and distilled on the premises from locally sourced materials. As we saw from the informative, energetic tour of the distillery, the people involved take it very seriously and are often improving their process. Watching the passion and expertise at Du Nord and seeing how they prepare their libations was quite educational. Apparently, for instance, many “craft distilleries”  don’t distill their own products, but rather import aged whiskey from other states and just bottle on premises (or hire out the bottling too), which can be identified by brand new distilleries selling several years aged products. Du Nord, in contrast, crafts all of the products on site. The gin, vodka, and apple liqueurs each celebrated aspects of Minnesota agriculture and history, and we were given delicious samples of each.   


Some pretty tasty cocktails!

Du Nord is one of currently more than a dozen craft distilleries in Minnesota, a number that will multiply quickly in coming years and our tour guide at Du Nord was very passionate about educating consumers to be good connoisseurs of craft spirits. Again, due to archaic and puritanical Minnesota blue laws, we could purchase only a small bottle of their products and they were unable to serve liquors from any other local distillers.


The cocktails they did serve, though, were amazing, in particular the Mpls Mule, a vodka drink with delicious freshly squeezed ginger and the Bees Knees, a gin drink with rich, sweet local honey. Both were among the best I’ve had! In addition, we enjoyed an entertaining game of shuffleboard (first time playing) and some of the board games as well. Definitely a nice way to spend a winter afternoon!     


Comfortable interior of cocktail room, with view towards the distillery (photo courtesy of Lindsay Cameron)




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