Blizzard 2016 Adventure


Blizzard on Nicollet

So, over the past few days the local media around here has been buzzing about the first real blizzard to hit Minnesota in 2016, and this time around, they weren’t just talking. We got a lot of snow!


Snow on Hennepin, from Teen Central, HCL Minneapolis Central branch

Yesterday, I worked at the lovely Minneapolis Central Library branch, watching the wind and snow through the expansive windows of the building while helping those patrons brave enough to come in that day, tromping snow and happy for the cozy feeling inside the library. Watching snow accumulate through a window is one of my favorite winter experiences in Minnesota. Of course, it helped that I did not have to brave the roads to get home, living a conveniently walkable distance away, so I got to experience the blanket of white down Nicollet Avenue and into the Loring Park neighborhood. I only slipped and fell in the snow once! I’m looking forward to heading out into the fluffy, frozen stuff for some skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking soon!

(As an aside, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to add a “Weather” tag to my blog)


A snow muffled sidewalk…